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HP Original Rewards (Season 2)

Back to my previous post HP Original Rewards, i have show a good reward that offer by HP. Yesterday, i receive a document from AIRPAK at company. When i open it, it is a envolope which send by HP Original Reward. WOw…Some thing special send to me, imediate i opne it, is a member card […]

Rejected by PayPerPost Heard this website quite some time, alot of blogger are using this website to earn revenue, some of the news said LilianChan – 5Xmom , who have 5 figure income just only blogging also using this website as once of her weapon. I have try to submit my blog to, unfortunately i receive […]

Online send free SMS (Season2)

  Back to my previous post Online send free SMS (season1 – Mobik) and also i have show another post on Online send free SMS (Tips and Trick) Alot of reader realise there was a good trick. Again thank to S.K.LEE. and all my reader support. When i am sharing this service and the trick to other, i […]

FTP software

After intro a free hosting – Free Hosting in my previous post. I would like to share a useful FTP software that i am using currently – FTP Commander, a freeware, there are two type of FTP commander to download. Due to software legal issue, there are no pirated software allow at my company’s […]

Friendship come from Trust or benefit?

What does friendship mean? ist come from trust? or just come from benefit? Benefit or Needs For me, i would vote for both. I like sincere friendship, but without benefit, also wont stay long. Benefit that i mention here can be monetory or needs. Such as a husband and wife, other then turst and sincere,honest to each […]

Online send free SMS (Tips and Trick)

  Back to my previous post: Online send free SMS. There was no problem on the 1st and 2nd day after sign up, just having a problem when i sending a SMS on the following days. When i send a message, it shows “recipient must be Mobik number”, it seen to be not “unlimited free SMS”.  This make […]

USD Depreciation

Did USD depreciate is a good news to us? Since the US Dollar are the internation tradding currency, the depreciation bring good and bad to us, some of the business man will feel good for them, because they can pay cheaper for the product. Advantage for Business Man Let say Malaysia Ringgit, last time malaysian […]

Webmaster Forum

Forum, is very useful space for all the member to share opinion together, participants with common interests can exchange open messages. How i become a webmaster? Other then a little bit knowledge on web design. i still need to look for more knowledge beside simple web design, such as FTP (file transfet protocol), SEO (search […]