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Why Website Need CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is know as a solution which enhance your website’s security, operation and performance. CloudFlare provides a proxy in between site visitor and CloudFlare’s server that can cache website content also filter our malicious traffic prior to it hits your web hosting server. CloudFlare is great for every website, which include dynamic and static website. […]

Why Foreign Web Hosting

In my country, webhosting service offer at here is not expensive, approximate $35 per year only, while foreign webhosting service, some offer $5 per month to $8 per month.Compare to local, still much more expensive, some of the beginner or new webmaster not afford to purchase. In the other hand, if the target visitor is […]

Who hosted same server with your domain

Back to last year October 2007, I have show before a website name MyIPNeighbors, which you can check whom hosted same server with your domain, or how many domain in a server. This year let me introduce another tools which allow you to check who hosted the same server with your domain. In this website, […]

Web Hosting that I recomended

Some time I will receive email from my reader, they are asking me what hosting service am I using? I have recommended them base on their needs & budget. Seriously I do research on some hosting service around the world. Few thing I have research is the company background and survey on people who use […] – Free Hosting

A few weeks ago when I searching some free hosting. I found this free hosting website, so far, is the 1st free hosting that I found which can host own domain. It is a good source for those beginners who own a domain and only know normal web design (HTML or Frontpage). This Web host […]