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What is Your Dream

It has been long time I not really sit down and blog about my life… I just prepare some nice article and post at my blog time to time, such as networking (basic networking term) and some linux related article too. Two week ago Wawasan University organize their carnival, and CIMB bank organize cashflow board […]

Banking Joke

~Guys, this is just a joke, don’t take it serious~ Today, when i am having TT (teh tarik a.k.a Drink Tea) with my friend. I heard a conversation between a father and son Father: Son, do you know why PUBLIC BANK name it “Public” Bank? Son: Mean the bank open to public, open to all […]

Do you Invest?

When people talking on “Invest”, we could categories it to few part, either in energy, time, money or etc. I do invest, in a lot of thing. New Fund from Public Mutual Pass few week, I realize Public Bank are launching a new Unit Trust call PB ASEAN Dividend Fund, i have went to make […]