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Buy Digital Camera

I enjoy photography, my self also not realize when I started to enjoy it. Back to my previous post: Why I like photography, i have mention about my hobbies on photography. Now a days, Digital camera consider the 1st requested electronics gift for holiday, people life can’t without digital camera. When I drop by to […]

Online File Sharing

Few days back when a friend of mine, pass me a pendrive which contain a RAW file (a photo which capture by SLR camera), this size of this file is 30MB. At the moment i found 1 difficulties to send this file to once of my designer friend who live at Canada, my Gmail, Yahoo […]

Macintosh Special

I always wish my self have a Macintosh machine, the graphic are nice and special. Macintosh mostly use by graphic designer, the result of the design are awesome. Due to the popularity of Windows, software are once of the concern for Macintosh user, there are not easy to find Macintosh software. Good news for Macintosh […]

Do you donate for charity?

“I remember last year, around this time, me and Louiss(my 1st blogging friend) are started to talk about our internet venture and we plan a lot of thing and do a lot of research. In our discussion, we plan to do charity when we are making money on Internet. At last, we did not start […]

Online Shopping

Back to my earlier post: Online Purchasing (Season 1), i have mention that i buy some nice stuff online. Recently plan to make online shopping with the money i earn from blogging. I found which provide coupon codes. This website provide 1000 over online store such as and I saw Dell coupon […]

CRM Software

Does your company using CRM software, what is CRM mean? CRM mean Customer Relation Management, in short, we can said CRM is software that allow company manage relationship with their customer, in term of capturing, storing and analysis the data. CRM software categorize in to few categories: Operational CRM – is kind of CRM on […]

Get USD2 and a E-Book

~My Blogging Life~ To night, as usual, i am visiting other people blog, and i found a good offer from a blog….. Wow, Pedro Sardinha is giving away FREE E-book which name “Your Easy List“. This E-book is totally free, in side this E-book, providing some tips and trick on earn money online. I am […]

How many of you has make friend online and have come out to meet before? No matter guys or girls… For me, i make a lot of friend online, recently more on blogger’s friend. I am a shy person, so i did not invite my female net friend come out to meet before. Just only […]


I have join Bloggerwave recently, introduce from Gold Rushin blog. Bloggerwave is a paid to blog Internet Company, which mean you can find some opportunity in Bloggerwave, get paid to blog or review the advertiser there. To better understanding on this process, refer below picture. According to Gold Rushin’ blog, it said that last time […]

My 2nd Online Income(Con’t)

To recall back from My 2nd Online Income. Today, i am receiving my 2nd payment from, this time i only receive USD3.25 with a post of PublicHealthForums , previously i receive USD13 with a review of The history of backup. Althought is just USD3.25, it is a good start for me to have 2 […]


As an IT Officer in the hospitalities field, i also experience before working at reservation department during my trainning last year, to get know how the progress and also the system works. Working at reservation dept, not only answering call from customer booking, now a days also include Internet Booking. The reservation agent need to […]


Now a day, people are always concentrate working, and did not care about their health. My self also same, some time the whole day did not drink a glass of water in my company, i realize it when it come to the end of the day, i found that my bottle are full of water. […]