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I Love PayPerPost

At last i get approve by PayPerPost, back to my previous post on 10th MAY: Rejected by PayPerPost , due to my blog not enought 90 days, was get rejected. Currently my blog fullfill the requirement and get approved. PayPerPost is a ads on blogs Internet Company that pay you when u post a review […]

My 2nd Online Income

Back to: My 1st Online Income, i have mention about Adbux, an online Advertising company which you will get paid to click on ads and visit websites. Today, i receive a mail from paypal about to receive fund from I am so happy on my 2nd Online Income, althougt it was only USD13, but […]

The history of backup

Every Company or organization, mostly have file server to store company data, same to my company. We have a file server which store all the important file and the file server has actually MAP to every employee’s PC when the login to windows. The purpose of mapping this drive is to let them share the […]

My 1st Online Income

Want to have a domain for your blog? it less the 10USD, i have earn back my domain renewer fees. Do you want this 10USD to pay your domain. You can get it without spend a single cent I have sign some money making program or affliate program such as Google Adsense, Text Link Ads(TLA), PayPerPost(PPP), NuffNang(Malaysia) and […]

Rejected by PayPerPost Heard this website quite some time, alot of blogger are using this website to earn revenue, some of the news said LilianChan – 5Xmom , who have 5 figure income just only blogging also using this website as once of her weapon. I have try to submit my blog to, unfortunately i receive […]