Please add some slides in the WordPress admin to show in the Featured Slider. (Season 2)

I just browse thought WebmasterMalaysia forum and found a topic “Has anyone made money from Advertlets? ” I saw member comparing and Advertlets. For me, i am just a beginner, not much idea can give, what i know about NaffNang is, they give out free Movie ticket for blogger who review the movie, this […]

HP Original Rewards (Season 2)

Back to my previous post HP Original Rewards, i have show a good reward that offer by HP. Yesterday, i receive a document from AIRPAK at company. When i open it, it is a envolope which send by HP Original Reward. WOw…Some thing special send to me, imediate i opne it, is a member card […]

Rejected by PayPerPost Heard this website quite some time, alot of blogger are using this website to earn revenue, some of the news said LilianChan – 5Xmom , who have 5 figure income just only blogging also using this website as once of her weapon. I have try to submit my blog to, unfortunately i receive […]

Online send free SMS (Season2)

  Back to my previous post Online send free SMS (season1 – Mobik) and also i have show another post on Online send free SMS (Tips and Trick) Alot of reader realise there was a good trick. Again thank to S.K.LEE. and all my reader support. When i am sharing this service and the trick to other, i […]

FTP software

After intro a free hosting – Free Hosting in my previous post. I would like to share a useful FTP software that i am using currently – FTP Commander, a freeware, there are two type of FTP commander to download. Due to software legal issue, there are no pirated software allow at my company’s […]

Friendship come from Trust or benefit?

What does friendship mean? ist come from trust? or just come from benefit? Benefit or Needs For me, i would vote for both. I like sincere friendship, but without benefit, also wont stay long. Benefit that i mention here can be monetory or needs. Such as a husband and wife, other then turst and sincere,honest to each […]

Online send free SMS (Tips and Trick)

  Back to my previous post: Online send free SMS. There was no problem on the 1st and 2nd day after sign up, just having a problem when i sending a SMS on the following days. When i send a message, it shows “recipient must be Mobik number”, it seen to be not “unlimited free SMS”.  This make […]