Very long time go, I have make a post before regarding Poor Man Wifi, which use some cheap halker tools such as parabolic cookware, to build this device. This article is once my my favorite post, make my blog flow around the world, and gain million of traffic to my blog.

Not long ago, I have build this Poor Man Wifi for the Wifi Treasure Hunt, but too bad, the research fail actually πŸ˜› and there are some mistake and I need to correct it again.

Here is another type of poor man wifi which use some simple and cheap tools to enhance the wifi receiving function. Enhance to 16db, just from a normal low db wifi receiver.

I have already collect some of the tools and on my way to develope this device. Hopefully this experiment works and be better then my previous experiment (iCalvyn’s Cantena)For sure, if I successful tested this device, I will make some comparison base on with and without modification, other then hardware, software also play an important role, to judge the Wifi signal during the survey. Software that I use will be introduce in my next post. Probably next 2 days!
Stay Tune!