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Malaysia Social Bookmarking Website

I always search for alternative way to explore my website to the world. To increase my website traffic, and popularity. Normally after I make a new blog post, I will submit my website to social bookmarking website such as, and Few benefit from social bookmarking is, 1) Increase Traffic If my article […]

Read iCalvyn in 13 Language

Now can be read in 13 language, including English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Dutch, Norwegian, with using wordpress language translator. This is a wordpress language translator plugin which can translate my website in to different language with using 4 big online translator, such as Google Translation Engine, […]

Domain & Hosting Sponsorship Program

Pre-Cerebrating, IT Engineer‘s Blog 1 Year anniversary on 30March Calling all blogspot and wordpress‘s blogger!!! Are you still using: “” or “” or …. Planning own a Domain Do you intent to own a Domain such as ““? and have more functionality and control on your blog? … GOOD NEWS!!! If you intent to […]

Power of StumbleUpon

Below are the Google Analytic result that I obtain today, with the current result, it only shows 4th march as final, and for 5th march, the result are not yet final, possible will have more. I was too excited to show you all, the power of, and the power of the stumble exchange program. […]

Disappointed with Google Adword

Yes… 😉 is time for me to do some advertising!!! Doing manual advertising such as comment at others blog, participate forum, submit article to social bookmarking website able to attract real traffic. All this method are 0 cost, and it take times. I have been doing this manually to promote my blog since April 2007, […]