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Online send free SMS (Season 3)

~My Sharing~ Long time ago i have introduce before Mobik at Online send free SMS (Season1) and Wadja at Online send free SMS (Season2), both of the service has good and bad. Recently i also found another Online Send free SMS system which name CallWave, this service are able to send SMS around the world, the receipient […]

Which Model to choose?

Recently i plan to change cell phone, but i did not have high requirement, just need to make call, SMS and a camera. My 1st cell phone was Nokia 3610, my granpa give me, but i dun know where he get it. Then my following phone was Nokia N-gate QD, cost me RM800+, toke my whole […]

Digi Prepaid to Postpaid

Today is “Hari Keputeraan S.P.B. Yang Di-Pertuan Agung”, i not really sure what is this for, just know that is a holiday, i no need to go work. Whole morning very boring online and just contact my best friend Dave to hang out at afternoon. We decide to go Queenbay Mall. When arrive there, alot […]

Online send free SMS (Season2)

  Back to my previous post Online send free SMS (season1 – Mobik) and also i have show another post on Online send free SMS (Tips and Trick) Alot of reader realise there was a good trick. Again thank to S.K.LEE. and all my reader support. When i am sharing this service and the trick to other, i […]

Online send free SMS (Tips and Trick)

  Back to my previous post: Online send free SMS. There was no problem on the 1st and 2nd day after sign up, just having a problem when i sending a SMS on the following days. When i send a message, it shows “recipient must be Mobik number”, it seen to be not “unlimited free SMS”.  This make […]

Online send free SMS (Season1)

[Update:26th April, this free SMS no longer exist, probably close shop already 🙁 ] Yo, what is this logo about?… MobiK Really wanna to thank Louiss, introduce me a Online send Free SMS website. You able to send free SMS from your PC to any mobile phone in the whole world, just register it and […]