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DR.M are using blogspot?

I heard a news from my father this evening about Dr.M also having his own blog, while we discuss on the “raja petra” blogging politic news. While I blog hop as usual, found about this news from CurryEgg, and the link in her article bring me to, which so call DR.M’s blog, and I […]

Microsoft Tech-Ed SEA 2008

Calling all techie! … do you feel loss with your current tech knowledge? need to acquire more information on the current latest technologies? This is another good event for us as an techie, to update our self and gain the latest technical information from Microsoft Tech-Ed South East Asia conference. This event will be held […]

PC Fair 2007 (II)

~My IT Officer Life~ PC Fair 2007 (II)  is comming, and do you guy out there plan to buy anything? PC, notebook, accessories, blank CD or printer? What are your experience with buying Computer stuff in PC fair? Mind to post your comment? i still remember when my 1st visit to PC fair on year 2001 […]

Contest for Malaysian Blogger

All Malaysian Blogger Alert, currently have a blogger contest organize by, manage by The Star and sponsored by Genting. I found this contest when I accidentally visit a blog call really thank for Hong Kiat. The purpose of this contest actually is to gather all Malaysian blogger under one root and let all […]

Cyberjaya DC shutdown re-schedule at MAY 15th

Today I receive a forward mail from my communication manager, again is the “Planned Outage Activities” from TM net. I just wonder last time postponed is because of people complain of down time too long. (24 hour) refer “Cyberjaya DC shut down has been postponed“. Almost 1 month they postponed from the date 1st schedule. […]

Cyberjaya DC shut down has been postponed

This morning i receive a mail from my communication manager, is regarding to the Data Centre shut down at cyberjaya on tommorow. refer: Cyberjaya DataCentre will shut down on 14th April. TM Net has postponed again the schdule. The mail content as below TMNET has announced today (April 12, 2007) that the planned outage activities at […]

Cyberjaya DataCentre will shut down on 14th April

Yesterday early in the morning, when i check mail, i receive a mail from Communication Dept. The title is “Planned Outage Activities at Myloca” The content show that TMnet has to done some maintenance on Cyberjaya’s Data Center (DC). This is how the email looks like: Dear Customer, We would like to inform you that […]