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Is all about the Color

My Next Photograph Destination

1 month back when I meet a friend name Edison, he like photograph too, and have few time experience on wedding photograph. According to him, there are a place very nice for photo shooting at Penang, suitable for those pre-wedding photograph. He describe that Place have a lake, just next to a seaside, also behind […]

Penang Hill Morning Shoot

We are planning to snap sun rise at Penang Hill, but unfortunately, the weather not act nice on that morning. We arrive the cable car station about 6.15am early in the morning, the 1st depart was 6.30am up to Penang Hill, so far the cable car is not full, just some worker who work at […]

Fort Cornwallis Penang

~Fire in the hole~ Lolz 😀 this word only can heard over the game, but I wonder does those army shout this when they fire the cannon in the pass. Few week back, my friend from Ipoh come to Penang, having 1 days penang tour, giving me an opportunities to visit the fort cornwallis again. […]

Sunway Photography Contest

More and more photographerfreak now a days, as I mention on my previous post during Penang Bon Odori Photography outing. Simply throw a stone to a group of people, will hit a DSLR holder Do you agree? If now a days have any photography contest, I guess more people will participate. The real Photographfreak really […]


This topic should be Ferry, but mostly photographer won’t give direct word as topic, so I should name my topic as Closer. Any one can guess why I use this topic? Closer… To be seriously in photography, I do learn before when last time attend photography class, my teacher use to tell us, every picture […]

Penang Bon Odori 2008

While I told my friend I am going to bon odori, the 1st thing they will comment: “those are kids event” because at their mind set, this event full of those secondary school student, around 16 year old to 20 year old, we use to be there during our secondary school. I did not snap […]

Kek Lok Si Photo Outing (II)

I was meeting a friend during the MIRC Tech Nite yesterday. He is a friend that I get know from an event last month call “Blog for Life“. During our conversation last nite, JasonGan telling me that he was impress with my Kek Lok Si Photo Outing. Thank again for Jason, I am just a […]

Kek Lok Si Photo Outing

Just a simple outing during Chinese New Year, at Kek Lok Si Temple nearby my house with my friend Johnathan, a photographer which own Canon 400D. While we there, there are a lot of SLR member too, after we make a research, most of them are Canon user, and I only saw a girl use […]

1st outing with my D80

“I was Un….satisfying with the picture I took” 🙁 May be is the timing not correct, or my skill still worst. I quite some time did not went for outing, and this week end, I went for outing with Johnathan, we went there around 5pm and the sky did not act nice, there are some […]

Nikon D80

It suppose is my Xmas Present, but now become my Birthday Present… Almost 1 month ago, I call the camera shop book a Nikon D80, it suppose is my Xmas present, but due to Nikon Malaysia no stock, delay until now. I have a friend who work at Nikon KL said that this model always […]


Back to my older older post: Why I like photography, i have mention before i like photography and also join some basic class. I am carry a semi SLR camera and soon will get my real SLR Yesterday when i was sitting in the car while waiting my friend, i have do some testing on […]