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Creative Suite 6 Level 1 Prep Question

When come to adobe product, reseller require to certified in order to sell Adobe product, this is to ensure that reseller had sufficient knowledge when come to end user question. To start creative suite 6 overview exam; First login URL at, after login go to My Training/ Creative Suite/ English/ Level 1/ and open […]

Getting know about scissor lifts

Many year ago, at my housing area, the drain system is not well develop and cause flooding during heavy rain. A lot of car owner did not move their car on time, car will be damage during flood. Usually heavy rain and night, and a lot of people does now realize flooding, and most of […]

Plan to get a GPS tracking device

Previously plan for Honda Civic at 2010, unfortunately, the sales man unable to provide me 2010 production before Chinese New Year(CNY), it only can deliver after CNY or probably March 2010, so I decide to get it now since they have 1 more extra while color Honda Civic at November. My Honda Civic have arrive […]

Software Developement Tools

No matter which organization, small to medium or multi national company. when where what and how! They require tracking system on the daily progress, either customer transaction or internal management among the staff and operation process. Even for our personal life, some people use to keep track on their expenses, investment, event, aniversary and some […]

Latest Investment Method

Few month back when I hang out with few friend in a cafe, while having simple conversation, found that 1 of the friend are doing forex related job. I have no idea on forex; as I know the full name is call “foreign exhange”. After she explain to us how the investment work, then only […]

Do you collect other people email address?

Normally when I receive forward email, within the email, it contains a lot email address, from who the email send from, send to how many person, and from whom again send to us. All the email at carbon copy (cc) is display from the forward email. A lot people collect all this email address, as […]

Small Company Balance Score Card

Other then 3 bosses, 2 sales colleague, 1 clerk a.k.a boss’s secretary, and 3 technical engineer include me. My company just have 9 person. As a senior to another 2 technical engineer, I have to give them some guide and minimum supervision during each task assign by my boss. To have a quality job performance, […]

E-Commerce Branding

Recently I meet a china friend over a Chinese forum, which discuss on Ecshop ecommerce system. According to him, most youngster over china buy online, e-commerce is consider a new tread at China. While Malaysia, still not much Online shop, youngster here just started to sell thing online via their blog, friendster profile, facebook profile, […]

Own a 5 digit Phone Number

We always saw news paper or television shows those send SMS (Short Messege System) to the particular 5 digit number. Example type “On football” and send to 33200, and you will receive news update at your mobile phone set with the news you interested. Such as latest foot ball result. We call this as shortcodes […]

Housekeeping my Web Hosting

Did you ever housekeeping your web hosting? Some Web Hosting company provide huge web space, but some provide less, but the web space we have is more then enough to let us host our website. While every time I ftp to my web hosting, and found a lot of rubbish in there, I will feel […]

Cheap Way to have Good Business Website

Now a days, with the advance of technology and web application, more and more people bring their business online! Even a dobby shop near my house also have a website & also “Nyonya Kuih” (Asian Cake) ‘s store at the market also having a website too. Some of the business owner even realize the powerful […]

When Server Overload

Did you face before the server which hosted your website get overloaded? While server overload, our website is unable to access or hardly access. This kind of situation mostly come while peak business hour, and high traffic access the web server. As an administrator at the data center, they require to suspended some of the […]