Time flies! 2009 is ending, 2010 is coming.
Just make a simple flash back, I have seem a lot of wonderful time at 2009, but after refer to the blog post at beginning of 2009, I still have a lot of thing haven archive.

Blogging Life for 2009
Not much nice article I have write for 2009, especially related to IT, my IT Engineer life not much happening due to not much life experience I can get from my career, furthermore lot of information related to my career unable to shows at public.

While making money online is no longer a legend since 2007, but the targeted amount I set for 2009  is totally far a way from what I currently have. Earning lesser and lesser, with reflect of low traffic conversion. May be the world wide  economy crisis, sponsor article lesser and lesser 🙁

Blogging to achieve in 2010
Having higher expectation is always good, but need to set it beyond your abilities. Again, hope my traffic can increase more, earning increase and setup few more blog.

Photography for 2009
Initially plan to get SB-900, and another better lens, but end up I bought a 3rd party flash gun for indoor shooting, and only 70mm-300mm nikkor lens during Penang International Dragon Boat Festival. Few more event that I like would be Penang Pocket Bike Race, Kulim Bukit Hijau Outing, bukit berapit hiking, and also went to shoot Penang Jubliee Clock Tower.

Not much achievement last year, just started to post some of my photo at my facebook profile, and outing with few group of people. Few friend was invite me to photograph at their wedding dinner, still on the way to learn how to shoot a good wedding.

Photography to achieve in 201o
This year, I not planning to get any photography gadget yet  since I does not allocated much budget on photo gear. Just will using my existing tools. 1st destination for photoshooting will be hatyai, thailand on 9 and 10th, photo shooting and shopping trip with a group of friend… will update once I come back from there 😀

Career for 2009
April 2009 I have resign my IT Engineer position from my ex-company and join Motorola Technology which under contract basic. Contract worker only get the benefit from the agency company which is much more lesser compare to their permanent staff.

A lot of new thing to learn because this position that I held does not similar with my previous position, the knowledge that I obtain from here mostly is confidential, so I am unable to bring the information to my blog.

Career to achieve in 2010
At my current position, just wish to converted to be permanent staff, unfortunately, then chances is very low as per my observation. To enhance my career, I have register my self to MBA start from this JAN, it require 2 and half year to complete my studies, at the mean time, I can use this time to further planning for my future career.