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Cisco Upgrade Voice Certification Exam

After 2 week joining Motorola, I need to get my self to learn more about communication and voice related knowledge. I come across a news from China’s IT laboratory In recent days, Cisco Study Group of Experts for the Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP) released a new test plan. CCVP: Cisco Unified Call Manager and […]

Cisco Command Dictionary, Cisco Pedia

I am graduate as an Information System Engineer, which suppose to be a programmer at the moment, but I am not, because I was easily bored with those programming language. In the other way, I am very interest on those short command line, such as ms-dos command line. Ciscopedia , which is a dictionary that […]

Calculate Subnet Mask and VLSM

How to calculate Subnet mask, Calculate Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM) Few week back I face one confusion when one of our client require to increase their company computer from 200 to 1000’s PC, in the near future. They require to change the subnet mask in all their computer, server, and manageable switch. The client […]

Packet Tracer Video Tutorial [Part 3]

After watch the Packet Tracer video tutorial about “What If” and “Visualization” on Packet Tracer Video Tutorial Part 1; also “Troubleshooting on Packet Tracer” and “Using Packet Tracer in Presentation” on Packet Tracer VIdeo Tutorial Part 2, this Part 3 video tutorial and also the last 2 tutorial on packet tracer that I am going […]

Cisco Router Basic Configuration

Long time ago before I attend my CCNA in Penang, I have no idea how those Network Administrator/IT Engineer configure Cisco router and switch. Just know they have good knowledge on the cisco coding. While configure a cisco router, there are few kind of mode can be use: User Mode Priviledge Mode Config Mode Interface […]

Packet Tracer Video Tutorial [Part 2]

Back to month ago, where by I attend my CCNA course, and the CCNA’s tutor provide us a software name “Packet Tracer“, a Cisco simulation software, to learn how to use this software, the CCNA’s tutor also provide use 6 module of Packet Tracer Video tutorial, and I manage to upload 2 module of video […]

Packet Tracer Video Tutorial [Part 1]

As I mention before on the Packat Tracer, a Cisco simulation software, now I would like to share Packet Tracer Video Tutorial, (Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2) which will guide you through step by step how to start using Packet Tracer, to simulate the cisco product and network design; test around the setting before deploy […]

Life on Linksys 4400N Access Point

IT Engineer Life on Linksys 4400N Access Point Ops, another 2 parcel receive at my table, according to sales department, one is linksys 4400N access point, and another is linksys switch, which need to configure and install at client house. The switch is a manageable switch, but I’m not require to configure it, the customer […]

Cisco Simulation Software [Packet Tracer]

As my previous post mention on my CCNA course, the tutor share with us a cisco simulation software which name Packet Tracer. Packer Tracer is a cisco simulation software for cisco product, it contain a lot different kind of cisco product, such as router and switches, which is for simulation use. This cisco simulation software […]