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Antenna for Out Door Access Point

I went to KANGAR, Perlis for a site survey with my boss pass few days back. Went to check the Cat-6 installation in a “Maktab Perguruan Perlis”. 900++ Cat 6 point need to use Agilent tester test… What is this device? look like fluorescent tubes? or it look like star wars sword (Mini Edition)? Saw […]

Poor Man WIFI

After get know the Wifi Signal Booster (DIY), u have the idea how to boost up your wifi signal… On the other hand, the signal receiver also very important. Most of the laptop now a days already equipt with internal WIFI receiver, for this internal WIFI, i am still looking how to enhance the receiver. […]

Wifi Signal Booster (DIY)

Some time when u roaming around our house, you will found that the WIFI signal will drop in different location, probably is that location have some distance between your Wifi Access Point(AP) and your WIFI receiver. To overcome this limitation, few thing you can take, either change the Antenna to a higher decibels(The unit for […]

Out Door Wifi

Mostly our home use wifi, wifi router, or ADSL wifi router are just a small box with one or two antenna, and the longer the better signal for the antenna. Normally the brand at the market here will be DLINK, LINKSYS, AZTECH…. For better brand, i will recomended go for 3COM, NETGEAR, BELKIN…. but the […]

Wifi Installation

~My IT Officer Life~ Refer to my previous post: PenangFon (Fiber Optic). I have mention that a 3rd party company come in to my company to install Wifi Service. This project start from June, the 3rd party company come in to install all the equipment. On June, this whole month they are actually pulling the […]