I have complete Community Management Mastery course and certified as Community Management Specialist this march by leverage on this Community Management Mastery Exam Guide. There is 60 exam question for this certification and you require completing 75% to pass the exam.

Community Management Mastery

Community Management Mastery Exam Guide

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1. What is NOT a component of community?
• A segment of people.
• A common bond.
• Member¬-to-¬member relationships.
• An easy¬-to-¬use community platform.

2. What is a way that an online community can decrease business costs?
• Reducing churn.
• Increasing purchase frequency.
• Direct sales.
• Product/Content development.

3. What is one way that an online community benefits community members?
• It increases the chances that members will buy more from you.
• It decreases cost for your business.
• It provides a sense of belonging.
• It can give members access to your promotions and discounts.

4. If the conversation is mainly between you and your community members, that’s most likely…
• …a healthy community.
• …an audience.
• …an example of social hierarchy.
• …an example of social density.

5. If conversation in your community is mainly small talk, your community is most likely in which stage of the Relationship Model?
• Deterioration.
• Acquaintance.
• Build¬-Up.
• Continuation.

6. Community leaders tend to emerge in which stage of the Relationship Model?
• Sense of Shared Emotional Connection.
• Build-¬Up.
• Sense of Influence.
• Continuation.

7. The role of marketing is to…
• …move projects and customers seamlessly though the Customer Value Journey.
• …retire on your own private island.
• …create communities that move people from stranger to raving fan.
• …make as many sales as quickly as possible.

8. Which community example meets members at the Excite/Ascend stages of the Customer Value Journey?
• A Slack channel for users of a SaaS product.
• A customer¬only Facebook group.
• All answers are examples of Excite/Ascend communities.
• A customer support forum.

9. Your online community should be made up of a specific group of people determined by…
• …your friends and family.
• …your customer avatar(s).
• …a common bond.
• …your customers.

10. What scenario is likely to create the STRONGEST common bond between community members?
• Living in the same location.
• Sharing the same marital status.
• Making the same product purchase.
• Having the same education level.

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11. Which community type is NOT made up of people who share a common experience?
• Community of Place.
• Community of Inquiry.
• Community of Position.
• Community of Circumstance.

12. Acme Law Firm, Inc. has created an online community for female nurses in Chicago. These nurses would like to change the way their local hospitals handle maternity leave. What three community types does this online community BEST address?
• Purpose, Action, Place.
• Action, Place, Interest.
• Circumstance, Innovation, Purpose.
• Position, Inquiry, Action.

13. ________ communities intentionally limit communication with other communities.
• Closed.
• Interest.
• Open.
• Facebook.

14. Which method describes carefully curating your first community members before opening up the community platform to everyone else?
• The Mississippi Muffin Top.
• Seeding.
• Sense of Community.
• The Cold Open.

15. What is NOT a good benefit that a community manager can give to early communitymembers?
• Special badges.
• None of these are good benefits.
• Increased access.
• Product or service discounts.

16. What is the BEST course of action a community manager can take to increase social density?
• Keep the discussions focused on one general topic.
• Remove spammers.
• Reward active members with a t¬shirt.
• Post blog content and news stories.

17. How many members should you have before you launch your community using The Cold Open method?
• here is no magic number.
• 2,500.
• 25.
• 500.

18. When should a community manager consider creating sub¬topics?
• All options are reasons to create a sub¬topics in a community.
• When the number of conversations in one space gets too high for members to keep up.
• When a new customer avatar is introduced to a community.
• When topics of conversation change often.

19. Members initially participate in online communities in order to…
• …get information.
• …feel a sense of belonging.
• …find a business partner.
• …make new friends.

20. What is NOT an example of a social need?
• Companionship.
• Knowledge.
• Acceptance.
• Esteem.

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21. Newbie corners are an example of content that…
• …encourages regular participation.
• …moves members from Acquaintance to Continuation.
• …moves members from Acquaintance to Build¬Up.
• …provides opportunities for commitment.

22. Community leaderboards are an example of content that meets members of which stage of the Relationship Model?
• Acquaintance.
• Build-¬Up.
• Influence.
• Continuation.

23. ________ drive social density and help your community reach critical mass.
• High activity levels
• High growth rates
• Contests
• Valuable discussions

24. Piano Tuners LLC has launched an online community that connects adult piano students with local piano teachers. The community manager is looking to start a discussion in the community. What is their BEST option?
• A blog post on how to find the best piano instructor.
• A survey on members? favorite song.
• A buy-¬one-¬get-¬one free discount to tune the instructor’s and student’s pianos.
• A news article on the benefits of learning an instrument, asking students if they?ve had a similar experience.

25. What is NOT a typical feature of a Fluff Post?
• It builds up the Sense of Shared Emotional Connection.
• The discussion question is overly general.
• The self¬disclosure the post prompts is unrelated to the common bond that members share.
• The content is off¬topic for the community?s purpose.

26. What action can a community manager take to build a Sense of Membership within their community?
• Create a dedicated area for new members.
• Create a monthly member spotlight.
• Create a leaderboard for top commenters.
• Give members gifts at Christmas.

27. Which of the following content does NOT address a Sense of Community element?
• Ritual Content.
• Offline Events.
• All of these address Sense of Community elements.
• Community Glossary.

28. It is impossible for members of a community to move through the Relationship Model unless they…
• …know someone else in the community.
• …self-¬disclose relevant information.
• …feel esteem.
• …make small talk.

29. ABC Freelance Connection, INC. manages an Excite/Ascend forum for their freelance writers to critique each other?s work. A conflict has arisen in the community ? Member A hired Member B to supplement their freelance work and is unsatisfied with the result
• Remove both members immediately.
• Remove Member B immediately.
• Move the conversation to a private channel.
• Place Member B on 7¬day probation.

30. You are the community manager for an Advocate/Promote Facebook Group for a local gym where top customers compete with each other to bring in new referrals. You notice that a community member is extremely upset that she was charged twice for her gym member
• Remove her post and her access to the community.
• Tell her not to get upset and the issue will be fixed soon.
• Let your member know that the issue is concerning and she will hear back within 24 hours.
• Remove her post from the community.

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31. DFG Real Estate Company has a customer support forum on their website. They notice a new community member is leaving several explicit and racially¬charged comments across multiple posts. What is the WORST course of response?
• Reply to each comment and explain how the member is being rude.
• Remove the member immediately.
• Remove the member immediately and delete their comments.
• Ask the member privately if there is anything you can help with.

32. What is NOT a common, non¬negotiable feature of a community platform?
• A discussion area.
• Notification systems.
• Gamification features.
• Moderation tools.

33. What is a reason Facebook Groups are NOT an ideal community platform?
• There?s no learning curve.
• Groups are free.
• Most people have a Facebook account.
• You don?t own the data.

34. You are the community manager for an Excite/Ascend community. The overall activity levels are high, but you?ve noticed your activity score has been steadily decliningover the last three months. What is the BEST course of action you can take to influence y
• Add more market segments to your community.
• Ask discussion questions that encourage relevant self¬disclosure.
• Change the purpose of your community.
• Change the way new members register for your community.

35. What is the best way to measure how members feel about being a part of your community?
• Look for anecdotal evidence of The Relationship Model.
• An NPS score.
• Manage social density.
• A Sense of Community survey.

36. Member directories encourage which Sense of Community element?
• Integration and Fulfillment of Needs.
• Shared Emotional Connection.
• Build¬-Up.
• Membership.

37. In the Sense of Community Theory, ‘Membership’ means that…
• …members feel that the community has a unique history.
• …members can recognize each other as part of a special group.
• …members feel emotional rewards for participating.
• …members feel that the community can influence their actions.

38. You give out a Sense of Community survey to members of your Excite/Ascend community and discover that members are reporting a low sense of Shared Emotional Connection. What?s the BEST course of active to encourage this Sense of Community element?
• Give thoughtful gifts.
• Create ritual content.
• Dedicate an area to new members.
• Create a community glossary.

39. Encouraging social hierarchy within your online community encourages which Sense of Community element?
• Integration.
• Influence.
• Membership.
• Social density.

40. Why are removing off¬topic discussions an important component of reactive moderation?
• Off¬topic discussions are annoying.
• Off¬topic discussions distract from the purpose of the community.
• Off¬topic discussions create conflicts.
• Off¬topic discussions discourage social hierarchy.

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41. You are the community manager for a Promote/Advocate forum for Acme Marketing Agency. One of your members started a discussion about how the 2017 presidential election in the United States was influenced by social media marketing. The resulting conversati
• Lock the thread so that no one else can comment, but leave it visible.
• Delete the thread and talk to the original poster in private.
• Remove the original poster from the community immediately and delete their contributions.
• Encourage respectful disagreement and a constructive debate.

42. What is the best example of proactive moderation?
• Remove off¬topic discussions.
• Ban trolls and spammers.
• Resolve conflicts.
• Create strong community guidelines.

43. When implementing the Feedback Loop, you should aim for a “You’ve Been Heard” response within ________.
• 24 hours
• 20 minutes
• 5 hours
• 12 hours

44. When implementing the Social Customer Care Plan in an online community, what is one reason to move conversations with customers to a private channel?
• An angry customer will cause you to lose leads and customers.
• You don?t want anyone in the community knowing that someone is angry.
• Customer care conversations are off¬topic discussions.
• You can tell them that they are acting ridiculous without the community knowing.

45. When engaging with long¬time members of your community, it’s important to _________.
• Build their authority.
• All of these are ways to engage with long¬time members.
• Respect their time.
• Understand that sometimes they won?t post very often.

46. A community member who primarily wants to create strong (often negative) emotional reactions in other members is commonly known as a(n) _________.
• Cult Leader
• Antagonist
• Troll
• Spammer

47. What type of community member may often browse community content, but rarely posts or comments?
• A Know¬-It¬-All
• An Antagonist
• A Troll
• A Lurker

48. Why is it important to weight the comments when calculating an Activity Score?
• You can manage the social density.
• You can see the percentage change.
• You won’t get a false sense of activity levels if other actions, such as reactions, outnumber comments.
• You can determine if your community should be open or closed.

49. Besides conducting a Sense of Community survey, what is another way you can determine how members feel about being a part of your community?
• A high amount of activity in the community.
• A clearly defined social hierarchy.
• The presence of Advocates and Promoters.
• Anecdotal evidence that members are moving along the relationship model.

50. What is NOT a show of commitment a member can make to a community?
• All are examples of commitment.
• Send another member a private message.
• Comment on a post.
• Attend a community event.

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51. What is NOT a consideration when choosing a community platform?
• Aesthetics.
• The purpose of your community.
• Ease of use.
• Common Bond.

52. In order to have business value, online community initiatives must link back to __________ and ___________.
• Excite, Ascend
• cost, revenue
• reduced churn, brand loyalty
• acceptance, belonging

53. Members benefit from a community through acceptance, appreciation, and esteem ? these are also know as _________.
• Sense of Community
• Shared Emotional Connection
• social needs
• Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

54. Which stage in the Relationship Model is there an imbalance of cost and reward?
• Termination.
• Deterioration.
• Acquaintance.
• Continuation.

55. True or False: An online community can transform prospects into raving fans at scale.
• False.
• True.

56. _________ communities are likely to have SEO benefits.
• Forum
• Open
• Aware/Engage
• Closed

57. True or False: A new member initially participates in an online community to get information or solve a problem.
• False.
• True.

58. Content that encourages regular self¬disclosure, initiates and encourages community discussion, and reinforces positive community behavior moves members from _______ to __________.
• Newbie, Salty Veteran
• emotional, transactional
• Acquaintance, Continuation
• Build¬Up, Continuation

59. True or False: Social hierarchy encourages a community member’s sense of Integration and Fulfillment of Needs.
• False.
• True.

60. True or False: If you give a gift to a member, it should be perceived as a reward for a specific behavior.
• False.
• True.

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I completed my exam at 46 of 60 questions are correct with 76%.

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