I have complete Paid Traffic Mastery (also known as Customer Acquisition Mastery) course and certified as Customer Acquisition Specialist this march by leverage on this Paid Traffic Mastery Exam Guide. There is 50 exam question for this certification and you require completing 75% to pass the exam.

Paid Traffic Mastery

Paid Traffic Mastery Exam Guide

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1. The job of a media buyer is to aggregate and purchase attention and connect consumers with brands that may be of service or interest to their lives.

2. Besides cost, what is the difference between organic and paid traffic?
• Organic traffic never results in subscriptions.
• You can turn organic traffic on and off at will.
• Paid traffic can be used to retarget but organic traffic cannot.
• Updates to an advertising platform do not affect paid traffic.

3. Which definition most closely matches the definition of the Customer Journey as presented in Module 1 video?
• A roadmap for helping prospects with major purchasing decisions.
• A roadmap for building a relationship with prospects and customers.
• A roadmap for getting prospects to visit your website.
• A roadmap for taking prospects from the awareness stage to being a brand promoter.

4. At minimum, at least 1 marketing campaign should be created for
• each step in the Customer Journey.
• the first and last steps of the Customer Journey.
• the entire Customer Journey.
• every 3 steps in the Customer Journey.

5. The goal of cold traffic campaign is to…
• introduce the brand and learn about people.
• retarget prospects who have purchased your products.
• bring a variety of perspectives to the comments section.
• find new sites to backlink to.

6. Which of the following is NOT 1 of the 4 steps to create ungated content that converts?
• Give it teeth
• Edit for consumption
• Begin with the end
• Add variety

7. Which of the following answers is NOT an example of content developed for ascension in the Customer Journey?
• Product demonstrations
• Customer story
• Discount coupon
• Comparisons

8. What type of content would you use to build an email list?
• Ungated content
• Hyped content
• Unhinged content
• Gated content

9. The “but no one else would” trick is used with what goal in mind?
• Targeting prospects based on very specific interests.
• Targeting prospects based on demographic information.
• Targeting prospects who have previously expressed interest.
• Targeting only cold traffic to introduce them to a product.

10. The suggested audience size when targeting cold traffic on Facebook is
• the size of the audience doesn’t matter when targeting cold traffic.
• between 175,000 to 300,000 per campaign.
• between 10,000 to 50,000 per ad set.
• between 500,000 to 7,000,000 per ad set.

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11. What is the relationship between the marketing hook and the ad copy?
• The ad copy and marketing hook are the same thing.
• The marketing hook demonstrates the ad copy.
• The marketing hook is the articulation of the ad copy.
• The ad copy is the articulation of the marketing hook.

12. Maintaining congruence along the entire Customer Journey is known as…
• lookalike audience targeting.
• ad scent.
• ad copy.
• offer consistency.

13. Which is the suggested best practice to avoid having your Facebook advertising account deactivated for noncompliance?
• Know the rules by reviewing the Facebook advertising policies every day.
• Know the rules by reviewing the Facebook advertising policies each week.
• Know the rules by reviewing the Facebook advertising policies each month.
• Know the rules by reviewing the Facebook advertising policies each year.

14. Targeting is determined at which level of a Facebook campaign?
• Campaign level
• Ad level
• Ad set level
• Overall level

15. The catalogue sales objective is best for ecommerce sites that want to do which of the following?
• Generate awareness among the friends and family of current customers.
• Get more likes and shares on catalogue items.
• Retarget customers based on their previous onsite activity.
• Target customers who have visited a brick and mortar location.

16. UTM Parameters are placed at the __________ in Facebook.
• Ad level
• Budget level
• Campaign level
• Targeting level

17. Facebook __________ tells how well your ad is performing with your audience and should have a score of _______ or higher.
• Success metric/seven
• Ad manager/four
• Relevance score/four
• Conversion Rate/six

18. Unique clicks/the number of people taking action on a page =
• Click-Through Rate
• Cost Per Lead
• Page Conversion Rate

19. The success metric associated with each selected traffic play should be reviewed on a ________ basis to determine where optimization might be needed.
• biweekly
• weekly
• daily
• monthly

20. Increasing your campaign budget on a working campaign is an example of…
• Vertical scaling.
• Horizontal scaling.
• Campaign optimization.
• Innovation.

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21. Where are keywords stored in Google Ads?
• Keyword bucket
• Ad groups
• Campaigns
• Ad extensions

22. As it applies to goal setting, MTO stands for:
• Maximum Tags Optimization.
• Maximum Target Optimization.
• Minimum Tags Organization.
• Minimum Target Optimization.

23. When considering keywords, the focus should be on which part of the sales funnel?
• Bottom
• The sales funnel is not a major consideration when considering keywords.
• Middle
• Top

24. Which of the following is NOT something you would regularly change for optimization?
• Keywords
• Ad copy
• Display path
• Bids

25. A call to action should always…
• Describe the credibility of the seller.
• Make the offer as easy as possible to act on.
• Compare the business to the competition.
• Include a demonstration of the product.

26. A call to action ad strategy works best with which of the following types of viewer?
• Window shoppers
• Both A and B
• In-store shoppers
• Check-out shoppers

27. A person browsing videos on their favorite subject on YouTube might best be reached using which type of campaign?
• Affinity Audiences
• Keywords
• Video Placements
• In-market audiences

28. Which type of campaign might best target a person who is comparing 2 products by watching video reviews?
• Topics
• Affinity Audiences
• In-market audiences
• Video Placements

29. Another term for paid/customer acquisition is media buying.

30. According to the video, the role of a marketer is to:
• demonstrate commitment to their role by advocating for the Customer Journey.
• create engagement among customers so they can promote the Customer Journey.
• move prospects and customers subtlety and seamlessly through the Customer Journey.
• bring awareness of the Customer Journey to prospects and customers.

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31. Which of the following is an example of a prospect moving from Awareness to Engagement?
• A person signs up for a company newsletter.
• A person clicks on and watches a video on Facebook.
• A person receives a coupon via direct mail.
• A person refers a friend and receives a gift card

32. Sending a coupon via email to a prospect immediately after they subscribe for updates is an example of a campaign to move a prospect between which 2 stages of the Customer Journey?
• From Engagement to Conversion
• From Conversion to Ascension
• From Awareness to Conversion
• From Subscription to Conversion

33. There is no reason to create a campaign to move a customer from a later stage in the Customer Journey to an earlier stage.

34. A referral program is an example of a campaign in what stage of the Customer Journey?
• Subscribe
• Convert
• Advocate
• Engage
• Ascend
• Excite
• Aware

35. Warm traffic is the most underutilized audience in marketing.

36. Of the following types of content, which would be considered gated content?
• YouTube video sent via Facebook Messenger to males over 30.
• A podcast posted to a Facebook business page.
• Template/cheat sheets sent to a prospect who subscribes to your newsletter.
• Discount coupons available on Coupons.com.

37. In the context of digital marketing, who is the central figure in the hero’s journey?
• The advertiser
• The marketer
• The seller
• The customer

38. The goal of warm traffic content is to keep prospects engaged and develop the relationship.

39. Your client is a toilet paper seller. The best targeting strategy would be to…
• find out what events your prospect attends.
• Google toilet paper to discover the leading brand.
• target audiences who attend toilet paper conferences.
• use triggering events to focus on your target market.

40. A marketing hook provides a compelling reason for a prospect to take the action you want.

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41. Good ad scent ensures the customer NEVER has to ask which of these questions?
• Does this company offer free shipping?
• Am I in the right place?
• How can I contact the company?
• Does this company have a brick and mortar location?

42. To ensure strong ad scent, you would maintain consistency between your ad and…
• design/imagery.
• all of the above.
• offer.
• copy.

43. Your client has an average of 15 conversions of any sort in a given week, an audience size of 2,000, and wants a Facebook conversion campaign. Which campaign outcome is the best option?
• Engagement
• App Install
• Conversion
• Traffic

44. You can use Facebook Ad Manager to retarget website visitors by visiting the ___________ tab under Assets in the Business Manager.
• Pixel
• Settings
• Catalogue
• Audience

45. What percentage of campaigns work well from the start?
• 20%
• 30%
• 10%
• 40%

46. Horizontal scaling is the most effective way to scale.

47. Do not increase budget more than ___ every __ days.
• 30%/5
• 20%/30
• 70%/30
• 50%/7

48. When starting a new ad campaign, how many KPIs should you focus on?
• Seven
• Five
• Three
• One

49. Target CPA, Enhanced CPC, and Target ROAs are all examples of which of the following?
• Automated tagging
• Automated bidding
• Automated optimization
• Automated tracking

50. Google Ad Extensions are used for what purpose?
• To extend the reach of an ad.
• None of the above.
• To add more context to ads.
• To extend the duration of an ad.

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I completed my exam at 41 of 50 questions are correct with 82%.

Customer Acquisition Specialist Certification

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