I have complete Content Marketing Mastery course and certified as Content Marketing Specialist this march by leverage on this Content Marketing Mastery Exam Guide. There is 50 exam question for this certification and you require completing 75% to pass the exam.

Content Marketing Mastery

Content Marketing Mastery Exam Guide

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1. Effective content marketing can be connected back to which of the following?
Content and branding
Revenues and costs
None of the above
Revenue and design

2. Content marketing is at the intersection of __________.
branding and copywriting
copywriting and web development
web development and publishing
advertising and publishing

3. To be considered effective, content must provide ___________.
• information
• value
• education
• inspiration

4. To acquire an audience, content must be educational, inspirational, and ________.

5. It is the value of the content that brings the audience.

6. The first goal of content marketing is __________.
to get referrals and reviews
to generate awareness of a product or service
to convert people into loyal followers
to entertain the public

7. Knowing who your customer avatar is important for content marketers because it will help them:
gain a clearer understanding of the product/service being sold.
All of the above
develop a full understanding of their target audience.
track referrals from current customers.

8. There are 8 stages of the Customer Value Journey. What’s the correct order?
Aware, Engage, Excite, Subscribe, Convert, Ascend, Advocate, Promote
Aware, Engage, Subscribe, Convert, Excite, Ascend, Advocate, Promote
Aware, Engage, Subscribe, Convert, Excite, Ascend, Promote, Advocate
Aware, Engage, Subscribe, Convert, Ascend, Excite, Advocate, Promote

9. To which type of business should the customer journey be helpful?
Brick and mortar shops
All businesses
Large companies

10. Content marketing that is attached to revenue differs from content that doesn’t because it:
results in tangible leads or conversions.
hits a home run.
gets people to come back.
All of the above

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11. Content marketing and blogging are essentially the same thing.
• False
• True

12. The main goal(s) of all content marketing is:
• to motivate the prospect to continue comparison shopping.
• to motivate prospects to share the content with a friend.
• to move prospects from one step in the customer journey to the next.
• All of the above

13. Which of the following is an example of bad marketing AND bad UX design?
• Content that result in a large time commitment from the prospect.
• Content that does not provide a way for the prospect to move to the next stage in the customer journey.
• Blog content that uses a lot of bullet points.
• All of the above

14. Applause rate can be calculated by adding social shares, likes, comments, and mentions.
• False
• True

15. Vanity metrics are:
• All of the above
• data that describes a prospect’s time commitment to a piece of content.
• data that provides information about impressions.
• data that does not reflect actual return on investment.

16. Measuring time commitment is an important part of content marketing because time commitment data can be used as an audience segmentation tool.
• True
• False

17. Increasing brand and offer awareness ensures that the audience _____.
• will subscribe to a newsletter or other opt-in content
• will purchase the product or service
• will reshare content
• knows what product/service is offered

18. Audience segmentation can be used to do which of the following:
• promote your brand to the prospect’s friends and family via social media.
• determine which stage of the customer journey a prospect might be in.
• retarget the audience with relevant content.
• establish authority in the prospect’s mind.

19. A pixel or a cookie is placed on a user’s device to allow for remarketing (also called retargeting).
• False
• True

20. A marketer compiles a list of resources and delivers that in the form of a podcast, a video, and an infographic. The list is an example of…
• a content wrapper.
• gated content.
• None of the above.
• an entry point offer.

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21. A How-To video would best be used for targeting customers at which stage of the Customer Value Journey?
• Ascend
• Convert/Excite
• Promote/Advocate
• Awareness/Engagement

22. Publishers monetize the _____ of the Customer Value Journey with advertising and affiliate revenue.
• first 2 stages
• first 3 stages
• last stage
• last 2 stages

23. Organic traffic requires a posting frequency of twice per week at least.
• True
• False

24. Buying traffic to send to one great piece of content is a good way for a publisher to drive awareness and engagement.
• True
• False

25. With good on-page search engine optimization, you will know exactly where traffic to your site will land.
• False
• True

26. Your client has been posting regularly to social media and has taken care of the on-page SEO of her site, but still isn’t getting the amount of traffic she would like. What would be the best recommendation?
• Offer different product/services.
• Audit the internal structure of her website.
• Buy traffic from major ad platforms.
• Post more content more often to social media.

27. Quality audio is the most important consideration when using video for content marketing.
• False
• True

28. A(n) _____ is necessary to move the prospect from one step of the Customer Value Journey to the next.
• an entry point offer
• Lead Magnet
• clear call to action
• ascension ladder

29. A piece of content that requires a prospect to provide their contact information before accessing the content is known as:
• gated content.
• ungated content.
• unhinged content.
• hyped content.

30. Which of the following is an example of a prospect moving from awareness to engagement?
• A person clicks on and watches a video on Facebook.
• A person receives a coupon via direct mail.
• A person refers a friend and receives a gift card.
• A person signs up for a company newsletter.

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31. Of the following types of content, which would be considered gated content?
• A podcast posted to a Facebook business page.
• Template/cheat sheets sent to a prospect who subscribes to your newsletter.
• Discount coupons available on coupons.com.
• YouTube video sent via Facebook Messenger to males over 30.

32. Lead Magnets and other content must be congruent with the customer avatar to…
• generate quality leads.
• ensure high return on investment (ROI).
• maximize immediate customer value (ICV).
• predict the conversion rate.

33. An irresistible bribe that gives a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact info is:
• a Lead Magnet.
• a call to action.
• a squeeze page.
• gated content.

34. A squeeze page offers what benefit?
• It causes the user to enter credit card information.
• It automatically adds the user to your email list.
• It funnels the customer to the action we want them to take.
• It tracks where the user goes after the squeeze page.

35. Which type of Lead Magnet is most often used in business to business marketing?
• The Cheat Sheet
• The White Paper
• The Mind Map
• The Webinar

36. Which of the following is suggested to be the best method for creating squeeze pages?
• Hire a development team
• None of the above
• DIY (do it yourself)
• Use software

37. Annual vs monthly billing options, where there is incentive for the prospect to sign up annually, are an example of:
• maximizing customer loyalty.
• increasing lifetime customer value.
• increasing immediate customer value.
• maximizing entry offer opt-ins.

38. For a content marketer, SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best ways to generate awareness?
• False
• True
39. As a content marketer, it is imperative to study other content marketers and mimic them.
• False
• True

40. One of the most powerful content pieces to demonstrate social proof are:
• testimonials.
• customer stories.
• employee interviews.
• podcasts.

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41. When using storytelling for content development, who should be positioned as the hero?
• The prospect/customer
• The product or service
• The business owner
• The marketing agency

42. The Customer Avatar Worksheet can be used for which of the following?
• All of the above
• Consider where a prospect might look for information
• Understand the prospect’s objections
• Identify the prospect’s pain points

43. Getting a new customer to subscribe to regular delivery of a product is an example of _____.
• increasing lifetime customer value
• maximizing customer loyalty
• indoctrinating the customer
• increasing immediate customer value

44. If you’re looking to activate potential new buyers with content, which stage of the Customer Value Journey are you in?
• Convert
• Ascend
• Excite
• Subscribe

45. If you’re looking to increase customer value with content, which stage of the Customer Value Journey are you in?
• Subscribe
• Promote
• Convert
• Ascend

46. Social updates are best used at which stage in the Customer Value Journey?
• Aware/Excite
• Aware/Engage
• Engage/Subscribe
• Engage/Excite

47. A product comparison is best used at which stage in the Customer Value Journey?
• Subscribe/Convert
• Advocate/Promote
• Aware/Engage
• Convert/Ascend

48. Lead Magnets are best used at which stage in the Customer Value Journey?
• Aware
• Engage
• Convert
• Subscribe

49. A new customer who subscribes to regular delivery of a product is at the _____ stage of the Customer Value Journey.
• Excite
• Convert
• Ascend
• Engage

50. Podcasts and blog posts are best used at which stage of the Customer Value Journey?
• Engage/Convert
• Engage/Subscribe
• Aware/Excite
• Aware/Engage

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I completed my exam at 41 of 50 questions are correct with 82%.

Content Marketing Specialist Certification

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