I have complete Social Media Mastery course and certified as Social Media Specialist this march by leverage on this Social Media Mastery Exam Guide. There is 50 exam question for this certification and you require completing 70% to pass the exam.

Social Media Mastery

Social Media Mastery Exam Guide

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1. In order to generate awareness on social media, you need to be building profiles where your __________ __________ are.
• current customers
• potential customers
• unengaged customers
• qualified leads

2. When generating awareness through a social platform, what platform feature can you use to help you generate paid awareness?
• All of the above
• Run brand-building ads
• Hire a social media agency
• Hire a social media manager

3. Which of the following is NOT a type of social media engagement?
• Comments
• Clicks
• Shares
• Profile building

4. At which stage (after you have provided value through and engaging your audience) can you start strategically asking for a prospect’s contact information?
• Ascend
• Engage
• Subscribe
• Excite

5. Which of the following strategies can you use to gain advocates and promoters?
• Get permission to use reviews on your social channels
• Use paid ads to generate new leads
• Put out a poll on what type of content your customers would like to see next
• Run social media contests to get more subscriptions

6. Which of the following is 1 of the 4 critical mistakes when it comes to using social media?
• Focusing your social media marketing on only one stage of the CVJ and not moving your prospect through the CVJ
• Using social media to jump in and make a sale before providing any value to the prospect
• Using social media to create valuable and impactful relationships with your prospects that intentionally move them through every stage of the CVJ
• Aligning your social media marketing goals with your content marketing and promotions marketing goals

7. According to the Social Media Success Cycle, which stage is used to respond to customer inquiries and important trends and topics?
• Social Influencing
• Social Networking
• Social Monitoring/Listening
• Social Selling

8. Which social media platform is your primary platform for social listening?
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Pinterest

9. When it comes to social influencing, you should use your content to provide _______ to your audience.
• Value
• Entertainment
• Coupons
• Discounts

10. Which DigitalMarketer tool can you build out (with categories such as name, challenges and pain points, objections and roles, etc.) that can help you pinpoint your exact customer and who you should focus your social media marketing on?
• Customer Avatar Worksheet
• Before and After Grid
• Social Media Grid
• Customer Value Journey

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11. According to the Social Media Success Cycle, which stage is used to generate leads by connecting a seeking audience with your products and services?
• Social Influencing
• Social Networking
• Social Selling
• Social Monitoring/Listening

12. Which social media tool can not only help you do research but also help you increase the reach of your content, connect with the right audience, and see what is trending on Twitter?
• Post shares
• Retweets
• Hashtags
• Competitive analysis

13. Which of the following is a way for you to research and determine the social channels your customers are on?
• All of the above
• Take your best guess on the market trends
• Doing the opposite of what your competitors are doing
• Survey your current customers

14. Which types of channels should you focus your social selling to?
• Social channels
• Seeker channels
• Awareness channels
• Promotional channels

15. According to the Social Media Success Cycle, which stage is used to establish authority in your industry by posting and sharing relevant and valuable content?
• Social Selling
• Social Monitoring/Listening
• Social Influencing
• Social Networking

16. Which of the following should you NOT look at when you research competitor’s profiles?
• Content types
• Hashtags used
• Number of followers
• Captions

17. One way to improve your social media content is to search for content _______ from other social media brands.
• video
• inspiration
• All of the above
• length

18. After you have tested your social media post and looked at the data, what should you do next?
• Repost your post
• Optimize your post
• Delete your post
• Splinter your post

19. What should you NOT do with your content across the different social media channels?
• Post the same content across all channels
• Splinter your content off of one post
• Know the exact type of content that is best for your audience
• Research all of your competitor’s posts and content types

20. Which of the following should your social media marketing post look to accomplish?
• Educate/Inform your prospects
• Sell your product at all costs
• Drive traffic to your blog
• Get as many interactions on your post as possible

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21. Which of the following social media platforms focuses on social listening (with a focus on customer support) and has features like Retweets, Likes, Video, Hashtag, and Breaking News?
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Instagram
• Twitter

22. Taking chunks out of the content pieces you have created for different social posts is known as?
• Underperforming content
• Splintering content
• Content creation
• Fracturing content

23. Which of the following social media platforms focuses on business and leadership strategy and has features like Videos, Images, Articles, and Events.
• LinkedIn
• Instagram
• Twitter
• Facebook

24. If you are not using a native on-channel scheduler, what is another tool you can use instead?
• Schedule your post
• Social media scheduler
• 3rd party scheduler
• 2nd party scheduler

25. Which of the following social media platforms focuses more on photos and has features like Carousels, Feed Videos, and IGTV?
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Instagram
• Facebook

26. At which stages can you use organic Facebook to grow your business?
• All of the stages
• Engage, Advocate, and Excitement
• Ascend, Awareness, Convert, Excitement, Advocate, and Promote
• Awareness, Engagement, and Excitement

27. Which of the following is 1 of the 3 questions you should ask yourself when posting on Facebook?
• How does my content help them make lives better?
• All of the above
• How does my content make them look?
• How does my content make them feel?

28. Which engagement Facebook post is great for promoting another business by tagging that business?
• Coat Tails Post
• Watch Party
• Facebook Polls
• Play a Game Post

29. Which Facebook metric tool can you look at to let you know the health of your group metrics?
• Group insights
• Post shares
• Messenger activity list
• Email open rates

30. At the Excite stage, what do you want to make your audience feel through your content?
• To believe they have a problem
• To believe in themselves
• To believe you have the solution
• To believe that your product is the best choice for them

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31. How many people are using Instagram every month?
• 10 Billion
• 1 Hundred Thousand
• 1 Billion
• 1 Million

32. What Instagram feature can you add to your stories to help drive engagement?
• Stickers
• Social contest
• Tagging celebrities
• Links to your blog

33. What can you add to your Instagram profile that drives your audiences to click?
• Highlights
• Call-to-actions
• Stickers
• Stories

34. Which of the following is a common call-to-action you can use on Instagram?
• All of the above
• Tag a friend
• View a product
• Head to story

35. Which of the following is NOT a story type?
• Polls
• Product features
• Memes
• Pre-recorded videos

36. What percentage of B2B leads are you potentially missing out on if you are not on LinkedIn?
• 80%
• 1%
• 35%
• 100%

37. Which sections of a LinkedIn profile can be used to help you generate awareness?
• Headline
• Profile photo
• Summary section
• All of the above

38. What type of code does LinkedIn offer that can help you replace a traditional business card?
• QR code
• C++ code
• Python code
• JavaScript code

39. When looking at the metrics on your content post, which of the following is NOT displayed?
• The location of people that viewed your post
• Companies that viewed your post
• The exact people who have shared your post
• Position titles that viewed your post

40. In order to excite your prospects and build the appropriate “LinkedIn tribe”, which type of document should you create to help you streamline this process?
• Content Plan
• LinkedIn Leads Development Sheet
• Social Media Calendar
• LinkedIn Post Sheet

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41. Which of the following Twitter features would help you generate awareness via Twitter?
• Like another tweet
• Use a promoted tweet
• Run a Twitter poll
• Use mentions in your tweets

42. Which of the following is NOT a form of engagement on Twitter?
• Retweeting
• Clicking a link
• Shares
• Liking

43. Which of the following Twitter engagement content types focuses on tweeting useful or helpful content that teaches your audience to do something or solves a problem for them?
• Aspiration
• Inspiration
• Entertainment
• Utility

44. What is the purpose of building Twitter lists when creating engagement tactics?
• To have easy access to brands
• To help build more followers
• To see tweets from the most popular accounts
• Builds authority on Twitter

45. How can using social monitoring and listening benefit your company?
• They can be used for content inspirations
• They can be used to monitor feedback and improve your product
• All of the above
• They can help fill the gaps in your marketing plan

46. The purpose of influencer marketing is to build a brand’s _______ and loyalty by leveraging a person (or brand’s) reach and authority.
• reach
• awareness
• engagement
• authority

47. When it comes to influencer marketing and partnerships, it all boils down to what?
• Trust
• Reach
• Influence
• Money

48. When looking at starting a partnership with an influencer, what is one thing you should consider?
• Budget
• Influencer’s background
• None of the above
• Influencer’s selling ability

49. When it comes to influencer following, an audience of 7 million or more is considered what type of influencer?
• Celebrity
• Large
• Mega
• Micro

50. Which of the following influencer marketing KPIs directly relates to the Awareness Stage of the CVJ?
• Profile views
• Direct sales
• Subscribers
• Likes, comments, shares, retweets, repost, etc.

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I completed my exam at 35 of 50 questions are correct with 70%.

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