I have complete Email Marketing Mastery course and certified as Email Marketing Specialist this march by leverage on this Email Marketing Mastery Exam Guide. There is 49 exam question for this certification and you require completing 75% to pass the exam.

Email Marketing Mastery

Email Marketing Mastery Exam Guide

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1. Which of the following is NOT a marketing activity for which email is used?
Direct Sales

2. Which of these is one of the 4 types of promotions for your Promotional Calendar?
All of the these

3. How long should your email subject line be to get the most opens?
as few as possible
10 – 15 words or 55 characters
6 – 10 words or 25 characters
2 words or 10 characters

4. What is the goal of email marketing?
To assist in moving a customer from one stage of the customer journey to the next.
To broadcast the same email to everyone so they’ll build a relationship with you and your brand.
To make as much money as possible by sending as few emails as possible.
To sell much of your product or service as possible to owned media.

5. True or False: When starting out, you should automate as many of your campaigns as possible.

6. There are TWO vital assets for creating a winning marketing calendar. Please select the correct pair of assets.
Product & Service Catalog AND Email Copy/Creative
Product & Service Catalog AND Goals & Planned Promos
Your Email Copy/Creative AND Goals & Planned Promos
Your Email Subject lines & Email Body Copy

7. What is the ideal OFFER SPACING timeframe?
45 days
90 days
15-30 days
60-90 days

8. Which of the following are elements to be considered in your email copy?
All of the these
Pain points
Hooks and angles

9. Which of these is a good place to pull email copy ideas from?
Your product sales literature
All of these
Your direct mail
Testimonials from customers
Your sales people
Your competitors

10. Complete this sentence: The headline in your sales copy is a great starting point to pull ______ from?
The subject lines
An email introduction

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11. Which of the following answers are NOT one of the 4 Magic Email Copywriting Questions?
Who cares?
How much?
Why now?
How can you prove it?
Why should they care?

12. Magic Email Copywriting Question #4 is “How can you prove it?” Which answer below is a way to show proof?
News stories
All of these
Case studies

13. Magic Email Copywriting Question #1 is “Why now”? – as in why would it be promoted now. Which answer below is NOT a reason to help answer the “Why now” question:
Is it any good?
Is it limited or exclusive?
Is it new?
Is it timely?
Is it on sale?

14. Fill in the blank with the correct answer: “Nothing happens until your email _______?
Gets clicked
Gets delivered
Gets opened

15. Which is these is NOT one of the 4 types of subject lines covered?
Direct or Benefit
Urgency or Scarcity
Blind or Curiosity
Viral or Buzz-worthy

16. Which of these subject lines is an example of a Proof/Results type?
Less _________ = More Sales
Final Notice (just hours left)
[Case Study] $188,674 from a dead list
Start building your list for just $1
Gets read

17. Which of the following is NOT one of the 6 Steps of the Points of Belief when storyboarding your email campaign?
Define the desired end result
Write your email subject lines
Acknowledge where they are today
What email to send to make them a promoter

18. Which of these is NOT one of the 4 copy chunks when crafting your email body copy?
Header / Logo

19. Select the correct answer for this statement: “You have just ________ to grab your readers’ attention and interest them enough to open and read your email” (quote by Litmus)
Just 3 – 4 days
Just 3 – 4 seconds
Just 30 – 40 seconds
Just 3 – 4 minutes

20. Which of these times is NOT an ideal time to send an email out in order to maximize your email opens?
Between 5:30 am – 7:30 am
Between 8:00 pm – Midnight
Between 8:30 am – 10:00 am
Between 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

21. Which of these email copy tactics regularly resulted in the HIGHEST number of clicks when used?
Adding an image of a video w/ Play Button icon AND a Poll/Faux Survey
Adding an image of a video w/ Play Button icon
Using a GIF image
Adding a countdown timer

22. What are the primary types of emails? (Mark all that apply)
sale, receipt, survey
tractional, promotional, content
transactional, promotional, relational
editorial, promotional, informational

23. Which of these is not a relational email?
Referral Request
Lead Magnet Delivery
Contest Announcement
Shipping Notification

24. Promotions and Newsletter are the only two types of emails that should be ____________
Sent Daily
Broadcast to your list

25. Which is not an example of a triggered email?
Cart Abandonment
Purchase Receipt
Weekly Newsletter (Is BoardCast, not trigger)

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26. Which of these is not a type of promotional email?

27. Which of these is not a step in promotional planning?
Break out revenue goals by month (Y)
List non-revenue annual goals (Y)
Slot Holiday Promotions into your calendar (Y)
Evaluate your email metric benchmarks

28. What is a non-revenue goal that could be included in your promotional calendar?
Run a marathon
Launch new content-platform (book, blog, podcast, etc)
Start running traffic on a new ad platform
Hit a website visitor milestone

29. What ISN’T a reason should you map out your promotional calendar 90 days at a time?
So you can automate all your promotional emails
To avoid overlapping campaigns in a 90 day window
To ensure you have the proper assets prepared for each promotion
To make sure your offers are sufficiently spaced out

30. When do flashing gifs work best in email?
They don’t work in email
When ever you can use them
When you are offering a high-ticket product
Only when you have the perfect image

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31. How do you leverage the Press Play email strategy?
Include an animated gif of someone talking
Use a written request asking your list to watch a video
“Press Play” is not an email strategy
Include a video screenshot with a play button in your email

32. Which of these are NOT proven ways to increase email click-through rate?
Keeping emails extremely short
Having a countdown timer in your email
Including polls in your emails
Using gifs in emails

33. What do you NOT need to do when using a poll in your email?
Ask an open-ended question that will spark your list’s interest
Have a “correct” answer
Hyperlink each poll/survey answer
Create a separate landing page for each survey answer

34. What is the first step when figuring out what’s working with your email marketing?
Identify your top 3 customer segments
Determine whether your current email broadcasting platform can handle your projected customer volume
Analyzing the demographics of your email list
Chart the performance of every broadcast for the past 3-12 months

35. Which of these is NOT a key metrics for benchmarking your email marketing performance?
Open Rate
Emails Sent per Week
Click Through Rate

36. What key areas should you focus on when looking for trends in your email performance?
Time, Type and Topic (Y)
List Growth and Shrinkage
ESP, Engagement and Earnings
Complaints and Unsubscribes

37. Are Positive Engagement Metrics (Opens & Clicks) or Negative Engagement Metrics (Complaints and Unsubscribes) more important to optimize for?
Both are equally important to optimize for
Neither is important to optimize for
Positive Engagement Metrics because these measure engagement and revenue which is the priority
Negative Engagement Metrics because a bad user experience hurt deliverability the most

38. You can’t set realistic goals without _______________
First growing your email list
Benchmarking your results
A/B testing to pinpoint what’s working
Studying your competitor’s email practices

39. Which question won’t help you understand and improve your email performance?
How many subscribers open your email? (Y)
Are you mailing your entire list? (Y)
How many emails have I sent in the past month?
How big is your email list? (Y)

40. What is the last step when benchmarking your email performance?
Set baseline numbers and goals for everything
Ask your Email Provider if those numbers are high or low for your industry
Send an email to your list to see if your benchmarked numbers seem accurate
Look for patterns in your email performance data

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41. What is your number #1 priority when building your list?
To determine how you can get a new subscriber for less than $1.
To determine how you will monetize a new subscriber one you have them.
To determine how you can get 10,000 new subscribers every month.
To determine how you can sell them something as soon as humanly possible.

42. The goal of the Indoctrination campaign is to:
Get new subscribers to whitelist your email address
Get new subscribers to admit that you and your brand are THE authority in your industry
Get new subscribers to follow you on social media
Welcome new subscribers and tell them what to expect and how to get the biggest benefit from you and your brand.

43. What are the 4 reasons people buy?
To be more attractive, to make more money, to get more attention, to get famous
To feel better about themselves, for acknowledgement by their peers, to get a deal, to seem smarter than they are
Fear of loss, to look smart, to get a deal, to make an impact globally
Personal gain, logic & reason, social proof or 3rd party influence, fear of loss or missing out.

44. How many links should you have in your email body copy?
Try to have 4
As many as you can squeeze in
No less than 5
Only 2

45. Which is the most under tracked and measured email marketing metric?
Click Through Rate
Forwards & shares
Complaint Rate
Delivery Rate

46. Three things you have to focus on to prove you’re not a spammer are:
From name & address, blacklist removal and message volume
Spam complaint rate, email content and message send time
Sender score, engagement and return path certification
Mailer reputation, sender infrastructure and subscriber engagement

47. Which of the following authentication methods should you use to ensure your emails get delivered?
Sender ID
SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
All of them

48. What should you use Return Path’s SenderScore.org to track and monitor?
Mailer Reputation
Domain & IP Blacklisting
Message Inboxing
Mobile Validation and Delivery Rate

49. What products or services should you create a promotional asset sheet for?
Only products and services where the purchase can be made over the phone.
Every product and service you offer.
Only NEW products or services you add to your line or catalog.
Only products and services where the purchase can be made online.

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I completed my exam at 38 of 49 questions are correct with 77%.

Email Marketing Specialist Certificate

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