Unfortunately I miss the boat, I did not complete Digital Marketing Mastery course and certified as Digital Marketing Specialist; Yet I get this copy of Digital Marketing Mastery Exam Guide from a friend. There is 75 exam question for this certification and you require completing 75% to pass the exam.

Digital Marketing Mastery

Digital Marketing Mastery Exam Guide

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1. Which of the following is a role of traditional marketing?
Generate awareness.
Optimize Google for search engine results.
Improve communication through digital channels like email.
Community management through digital channels.

2. Which of the following is the role of digital marketing?
Communications & PR.
Branding/Brand Development.
Generate awareness through advertising.
Attract and engage prospects, convert leads into customers and transform buyers into raving fans.

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the three critical questions?
How will you articulate your value to your target market?
Whom do you serve?
How will you acquire customers predictably and profitably?
How will we get our leads to customers as quickly as possible?

4. Which of the following tools for modern marketers helps you understand who you serve?
Core Message Canvas.
Before and After Grid.
Customer Value Journey.
Customer Avatar Canvas.

5. Which of the following tools for modern marketers helps you understand how you will articulate your value?
Before and After Grid.
Customer Avatar Canvas.
Customer Value Journey.
Core Message Canvas.

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6. Which of the following tools for modern marketers helps you understand how you will acquire customers from scratch?
Customer Value Journey.
Customer Avatar Canvas.
Before and After Grid.
Core Message Canvas.

7. Which marketing tool helps you understand your customers?
Core Messaging Canvas
Customer Insight Canvas
Customer Value Journey
Customer Avatar Canvas

8. Figuring out information like age, occupation, income, education, etc falls under which portion of your customer avatar?
Key Purchase Drivers
Wants & Aspirations
Demographics & Interest
Frustrations & Fears

9. Which of the following is the purpose of the Customer Avatar tool?
To know who your business is serving.
To know how to sell your product.
To know “the why” of your business.
To know when is the best time to send emails.

10. People don’t buy products or services, they buy ____________.
your message
your core value

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11. Which step of the Before & After grid do most marketers stop after completing?
What they have.
What their status is.
What their average day is like.
What they feel.

12. Which of the following aspects of the Before & Grid helps you tell a story?
Average Day
Good v. Evil

13. How many Core Messaging Canvas should you have per persona and per product?

14. Which of the following aspects of the Before & Grid helps you discover figure out the emotions of your customer?
Good v. Evil

15. Which of the following marketing tools helps you figure out your messaging to your customers?
Customer Avatar Canvas
Customer Insight Canvas
Core Messaging Canvas
Customer Value Journey

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16. Which of the following questions is NOT a question in the Jobs to Be Done Framework?
So I can ______
This will benefit _______
I want to ________
When ______

17. At the end of the day, the point of our marketing campaigns should be about forming _____________ with our customers.

18. When it comes to selling, what question do you need to ask yourself when it comes to forming solid relationships with your leads?
Does my customer like my brand?
Are you skipping steps?
Is my core offer solid?
What is the best way to maximize my upsell?

19. When it comes to “business intimacy” how many stages are we trying to move our potential customers through?

20. All business selling is ____________.
business to business
human to human
human to business
business to consumer

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21. Which stage of the CVJ is akin to “a glance turning into a stare?”

22. Which of the following is NOT a lead magnet?
A free trial of your product
Webinar Registration
Gated Video Series (Mini-Class)
Downloadable Report

23. What are the 2 methods of commitment at the Conversion stage?
Money & Commitment
Time & Money
Time & Commitment
Purchase & Commitment

24. What type of moment do we want our customers to have at the Excite stage, that turns a “nice-to-have” into a “must-have?”
Moment of excitement
Ah-ha moment
Moment of solitude
Moment of clarity

25. Which of the following is NOT a revenue maximizer at the Ascend stage?

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26. The best way to optimize your CVJ at any time is to optimize __________ at a time.
the bottom 3 of the CVJ
the middle of the CVJ
one stage
whichever stage is causing you not to make sales

27. What is the main goal of content marketing?
To create valuable content to engage your audience for your brand.
To create valuable content that you turn around and market to your potential prospects.
To create content that can only be marketed to a niche.
To create copy that is able to help sell your product.

28. Which of the following is NOT a type of content marketing?
YouTube Channel
Transactional Email

29. Which of the following stages of the CVJ can content marketing have the biggest impact?

30. Which of the following makes up “the voice” of your content?
Personal Signatures
All of the Above

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31. What tool do you want to develop that helps your company maintain consistency and congruence?
Content Guide
Customer Value Journey
Style Guide
Marketing Guide

32. When you start running ads in your content, you now are running a _____________ strategy for your content.
All of the Above

33. When it comes to podcast what KPIs should you be looking at?

34. Which of the following stages does social media fall under in the CVJ?
All of the Above

35. What is the purpose of traffic when it comes to the engagement stage of the CVJ?
To amplify your reach and increase your authority.
To drive an audience to your content.
To start and nurture conversations.
To build the perfect blog template to monetize your content.

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36. Which of the following is NOT a small commitment at the social media subscribe stage?
Join an email list.
Subscribe to a newsletter.
To advocate for your brand.
Register for a webinar.

37. Which of the following social media channels is designed for more B2B interactions?

38. When it comes to your audience on social channels, what should be your main focus?
What is the best way to monetize my content?
What is the easiest way to sell your product or service?
What’s valuable to them?
What is the easiest way to quickly and seamlessly move your customers through the CVJ?

39. Which of the following social channels should your content be video-based?

40. Which of the following engagement metrics should you focus on when it comes to Instagram?

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41. Which stages can paid media be used on the CVJ?
Every stage of the CVJ
Only the middle areas: Convert, Excite, and Ascend
Only the bottom 3: Aware, Engage, and Subscribe
The first 6: Aware, Engage, Subscribe, Convert, Excite, and Ascend

42. Digital Advertising at the Subscribe stage, doesn’t have to just use email addresses to get subscribers. What is another digital tool that can get subscribers?

43. Which of the following mediums are active research/intent to buy?

44. Leveraging LinkedIn is a great practice for lead generation, specifically for _______.

45. Which digital channel can you use for the Advocate stage?
Google Ads

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46. What are the 3 core elements of creative when it comes to digital advertising?
Ideation, emotion, and intention
Ideation, intention, and imitation
People, positioning, and process
People, ideation, and intention

47. What are the 3 pillars of paid media?
Lead Magnet, swipe file, and value
Offer, creative, and people
People, positioning, and process
Offer, audience, and creative

48. Ideally you want to keep your CTA to non-CTA links as close to _______ as possible.
10 – 10
5 – 5
1 – 1
2 – 2

49. What is THE main goal of design when it comes to paid media?
Stop the scroll and get the click.
Always follow the style guide.
Adsense is unified among all campaigns.
Congruence across all social platforms.

50. Which of the following elements is NOT part of your style guide?

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51. In order to generate awareness with your SEO, you need to be ________ on Google.

52. In order to build authority on Google, what do we need to build to achieve this?
Press Releases
SEO Email Campaigns

53. Which of the following is an Off-Page SEO technique?
Press Release
PDF Sharing
Forum Posting
All of the Above

54. Which of the following Technical SEO techniques helps Google identify the original URL to help avoid duplicate content?
DeepCrawl File
Robots.txt File
Site URL Tag
Canonical Tag

55. Which of the following is NOT one of Google’s ranking factors?
Meta descriptions
Title Tags

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56. Which of the following is something you can do with your email campaign at the Engage Stage?
Tease your Welcome Email or Series
Highlight your company’s best content.
Upsell them to a higher dollar offer from your company.
Have them become a promoter for your company.

57. What type of email marketing campaign would you want to leverage at the Convert and Excite Stage?
Welcome Series
Conversion Series
Engagement Series
Re-Engagement Series

58. Which of the following is NOT a type of email you can use as a tool for your different campaigns?
Ascension Email
Relational Email
Promotional Email
Transactional Email

59. Which of the following is an example of a type of relational email you can send to your subscribers?
Billing Request
Promotional Sale
Invoices or Receipts
Weekly Newsletter

60. A major benefit of a Re-Engagement Email can help you maintain your ________.
promotional emails
list hygiene
engaged leads
open rates

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61. Which of the following defines “Open Rates” when it comes to email marketing KPIs?
The number of unique opens you get on an email campaign.
The number of opens you get for one particular email on a particular email campaign.
The number of unique clicks you get on a unique email campaign.
The number of unique clicks on a link in a unique email campaign.

62. When it comes to optimizing any of the email marketing KPIs, the number one thing you can do for EVERY KPI is _________.

63. What is “the end goal” of an email and the copywriting strategy that you use to write your emails?
Get more subscribers.
Sell more products.
Get the click.
Get Open Rates higher

64. Which of the following is a strategy to help create a framework for a winning email campaign?
Avoid hooks and “salesy” language.
Add an outro or a sign-off.
Use emojis in your subject line as pattern-interrupts.
Outline your sequence.

65. In order to make your Call-To-Actions the most effective, what should use MOST of the time to generate action when writing your copy?
A noun.
An adjective.
A verb.
A preposition.

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66. Which of the following is a key aspect of an Awareness community?
Multiple barriers or multiple criteria for entry or to join.
Zero/Few barriers to entry or join.
Small and inclusive community.
Only people who have made a purchase can join.

67. Which of the following communities is one of the trickiest communities to create?
Subscribe Communities
Excite Communities
Engage Communities
Awareness Communities

68. An Excite/Ascend Community is usually a __________ type of community.

69. Which of the following groups in a community come to a group to absorb content but typically don’t contribute?
Regular Contributors
Infrequent Contributors
New Members

70. What is one major responsibility of Reactive Moderation?
Be transparent in your actions.
Discourage/Remove Trolls.
Create guidelines.
Use positive reinforcement.

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71. How many top level metrics should you be looking to track at each level of the CVJ?
1 – 10
3 – 5
3 – 10
1 – 3

72. Lead Measures need to be ____________ & _______________ that impact lag measures.

73. Which of the following would be considered a “top of the funnel” lagging metric?
New visitors
CPL (Cost Per Lead)
Email list size
MQL to SQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to (Sales Qualified Lead)

74. Retention is the idea of focusing on keeping customers or buyers and reducing _______.

75. Which tool can you use that will show you where users are clicking on your site?
Tracking Cookie
Heat Map
Landing Pages

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My friend has completed this exam at 55 of 75 questions are correct with 76%. Since I did not complete, this round I do not have a certificate to show.

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