Year 2007 is going to finish, and for this year, most proud thing that I ever do is start and able to earn some buck from my blog.

Tag by a lot blogger
Thank for all my reader support and also all my blogging partner this year. Along this year, many blogger has give me “TAG” and actually i does know much on this TAG game very well, and I have owe a lot of my blogging partner a “TAG”… and now, I going to pay back you all~ (Let me know if I forgot you, I try my best to find out who TAG me along year 2007)

To welcome the Year 2008, I here by list out the TOP POST of along the year 2007. My purpose is to share with all my new readers, all the previous interested topics.

Flash Back~

Base on the Google Analytics, belows topic get the most traffics.

15th Augest 2007 Poor Man WIFi (20,662 page view) and 33 Comments
17th July 2007 Negaraku Song (1,285 page view ) and 9 Comments
19th October 2007 Format Your PC less then 10 Minutes (945 page view) 18 Comments

Other then this, few old topic that I feel interesting that would like to share it with my new readers.

28th May Hide file under your JPG image
3rd June Your PC Performance
12th June My 1st Online Income
5th July Get a free domain
22nd July PenangFon (Fiber Optic)
5th Augest Out Door Wifi
6th August Wifi Signal Booster (DIY)
28th Augest iCalvyn’s Cantena , I made My Self
15th Sept Clear Windows Login Password
19th October Format Your PC less then 10 Minutes
21st November Tips to get approve easily on SponsoredReview
9th Dec 2007 Google Adsense Hot Cash

So now I going to start my TAG game~ hehe 😀

I will pass this TAG to

Wilson from Wilstop

Wilson from boggos

Johnathan from SeraphStudios

Khairun Nisa Aziz from Kaklong

?? from 21Knots

KahPeng from

The TAG title will be “your top post of the year 2007”

No requirement to justify the top post, you may choose most visitor, most comment or any post what you like to share it again with all your readers, so~

Happy Blogging and Happy New Year